D&D est une entreprise d'hébergement de sites webs, emails, applications, clouds et serveurs créée en 2007, dont la totalité du matériel et de l'infrastructure lui appartient en propre et est située en Suisse. Tous les collaborateurs de D&D sont aussi situés en Suisse.


Status of datacenter

Datacenter location 1023 Crissier VD (Suisse)
Owner BrainServe SA
Motorway access Distance approx. 1’300 m
Parking Nearby and within the site
Public transports Bus stop approx. 100m

Characteristics of the building

Static load 1’000 kg/m2 in server rooms
Height 260-270 cm in server rooms (excluding raised floor)
Raised floor height 60-70 cm in server rooms
Surface of server rooms 2000 m2

Physical security: access, fire

Perimeter Plots fenced (height min.3.5m), patrols
Bulding Reception secured, lock single passage system, biometric access control with history
Audio and video monitoring Internal and external monitoring with historical retention
Intrusion detection Intrusion detection coverage areas, monitoring access to different levels of containment doors, detection inside and outside the building.
Containment 5 levels
Security staff On site 24/7
Fire detection Detection: “Analogue Point. Total detection of fire throughout the building.
Fire protection Fire protection compartmentalisation of accommodation rooms, telecom rooms and technical rooms. Fire-proof doors and walls. Hifog system for server rooms. Specific fire extinguishers in all rooms and equipment
Flood detection Détection sur l’ensemble des réseaux de refroidissement
Flood protecton Systèmes de drainage et d’évacuation intérieur et extérieur, absence de canalisation au-dessus des salles d’hébergement

Electrical installations

Guaranteed power 10 MVA
Compatibility Surge protectors, protection against over voltage and residual currents
Powr transformation Transformer station middle voltage to low voltage on site (5x2500 k/VA transformers, N+1), at a sufficient distance hosting and telecom rooms (electro smog)
Power distribution Double power grid distribution with seamless switching <10 ms through modules charge transfer (STS). Each rack is connected via rail energy on two separate switchboards (N+N redundancy)
UPS Power Each branch is protected by dynamic inverters kinetic energy storage (5 Nobreak of 2500 kVAN +1 redundancy). All systems are powered with uninterruptible cooling
Power backup Each electrical power distribution branch is protected by a diesel generator (5 groups of 2’500 kVA directly related to dynamic, N+1 redundancy), each supplied redundantly fuel (2 main tanks + 5 daily tankers a total of 160;000 liters stored on site, corresponding to 80 hours of power consumption at full load, with additional supply program):


Production 4 turbo compressors groups of 2500 kW (redundancy N+N), 2 free-cooling exchangers to use external cold air
Distribution Double distribution network of ice water (redundancy N+N)
Air conditioning units 50 kW per unit for liquid cooling (N+N redundancy), 55 kw per unit for cooling ventilation located outside of the holding rooms (N+1)
Electrical power supply All power systems production and distribution of cooling and air conditioning units are located behind uninterruptible power supply


Electricity 99.999% available
Temperature 99.9% (22 °C +- 4 °C)
Humidity 99.9% (48% +- 15%)


0800 303 403